Now that spring has arrived, you are probably quite glad that you are equipped with an air conditioning system that will keep you cool and comfortable in the coming months. However, owning an aircon means you need to maintain it and know when it is in need of repairs. The signs aren’t so obvious to everyone, so read on for some tips on how to tell if your air conditioning unit is in need of repairs:

The air isn’t cool

If you are finding that your air conditioner is not blowing out cool air anymore, this is a big sign that you need to have it repaired or possibly replace it. The lack of cool air could mean that your airconditioner’s compressor has failed, or a variety of other problems.

Strange emissions

If there are strange smells or sounds coming from your air conditioner, it probably means that it is moldy or that the wire insulation has burned out. A squealing noise could mean that the belt has slipped out of place or that a metal component in your air conditioner requires more lubrication. All in all, none of these strange omissions are a good sign and maintaining your aircon will help you resolve these problems.

Bad air flow

If the vents of your air conditioning system are producing weak or no air flow, it can mean that either your compressor is failing or that there is debris constricting the air flow. The ducts need to therefore be regularly cleaned and maintained. If doing this still doesn’t help, it may be time for a replacement.

Inconsisted temperature

The beauty of an air conditioner is that it provides you with a consistent air temperature at a setting which you choose. All rooms throughout your home should be equally cooled, but if you find that different spaces are receiving different variations of cooling, it is probably time to have your AC unit looked at.


Overall, it is important to regularly have your air conditioning system maintained so that you don’t end up having to fork out fortunes to have it repaired. Look out for the problems mentioned above, and contact us for the best air conditioner repair services.

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