Consider the Pros and Cons

An inverter in an air conditioner controls the speed of the compressor to regulate temperature. Regular air conditioners use a compressor that is either working fully or is switched off. An inverter controls the speed of the compressor and therefore the cooling output.
Eliminating the stop/start cycles increases efficiency and lowers operating costs. A micro controller receives information from sensors then tests the ambient temperature constantly and subsequently adjusts speed accordingly.

Advanced inverter technology has proven that low operating costs is a proven by-product of modern inverter fitted air conditioning. Not only is this technology powerful and cost effective, it is also stylish and subtle.

Enjoy crisp freshness at any time and with just a single touch of a button whilst the choice of either system is still yours. Price and value for money as well as lifestyle requirements are important factors to consider when installing an air conditioner. Size does matter when it comes to air conditioners so we ensure that we fit the unit to fit your room. Not only do we install perfectly sized units but we service and repair them too. One company, one service provider, which means complete satisfaction for both the customer and service provider.
Our clients become part of our extended air-conditioning family. We fit air conditioning systems and we strive to create relationships that are lasting and enduring. We are fully aware that if we make our clients happy that the word will spread.